NOTE: At any time when booking in the process described below, prior to completing a booking, you may cancel a reservation by either pressing a CANCEL button or click a remove link. Also, we have tried to color code the text below to the various booking buttons.

1. Please review the various room types on the Rooms & Rates page  (note that Dry Cabins and Rooms 5 to 12 have minimum 2 day stays). Then after reading the instructions below, click BOOK A ROOM

2. If you book the ADA (handicapped) room 12 you must have a legally disabled person in your party, since we must, by law, ensure that only a legally disabled person books it (unless it is the only room left). At check-in time, if your party does not meet this requirement and other room types are available, by law we must assign your party to another room.

3. Once you pick your desired room type, please click the BOOK A ROOM button below (this reserve instructions page will stay open, as you may need it again). This button will take you to the ACCOMMODATIONS page, which will show all of our room types (basically a concise summary of the Rooms & Rates page). In the ACCOMMODATIONS page, for the desired room type, press either the VIEW DETAILS or BOOK button (they do similar functions): This will take you to a DATE PICKER page for the desired room type.

4. In the DATE PICKER page*, once you have picked your dates, press the CHECK AVAILABILITY button. This will take you to the first SEARCH RESULTS page. If your choice is available, the SEARCH RESULTS page will display your choice  at the top, with any other available room choices below it (for your dates). *If the date picker seems brain dead, just click in the Check-in/out Date boxes and a new date picker (that works) should pop up.

5. In this first SEARCH RESULTS page, for each room type displayed, there will be two buttons: VIEW DETAILS and BOOK. If you press VIEW DETAILS you will simply be returned to a date picker page for that room type. But if you pick BOOK you will go to the second SEARCH RESULTS page.

6. In the second SEARCH RESULTS page, as in the first SEARCH RESULTS page, your selected room type will be displayed, plus possibly other available room types. Only this time, there will be three buttons: VIEW DETAILS, BOOK, and CONFIRM RESERVATION. VIEW DETAILS will take you back to a date picker page for the associated room type (basically, start over for that room type). BOOK will add the associated room type to your reservation BUT leave you on the second SEARCH RESULTS page, so you can easily book a multiple room reservation for your dates. BUT if you only want one room, press button CONFIRM RESERVATION for the desired room type. (The room type you picked will also have a remove link  by it, so you can easily cancel it; this will take you to a page like the first Search Results page.)

7. Pressing button CONFIRM RESERVATION in the second SEARCH RESULTS page (see step 6 above) will take you to the CHECKOUT page, where you enter your personal data, number of guests, and any applicable discount “coupons” (such as for taking the Clean Rooms Discount, see details below), etc. Be sure to check the box “I’ve read and accept the terms & conditions.” Enter any special comments in the “Notes” box: Such as if you have any pets; we need to know at booking time if you have pets. Each pet is an extra $10/day/pet, payable when you check-in. In the CHECKOUT page you may cancel the reservation by pressing the CANCEL button at the bottom. If you are sure the reservation is correct, please press the BOOK NOW button.

8. If the reservation was successful, the CHECKOUT page will display a message similar to the following: Reservation submitted. Details of your reservation have just been sent to you in a confirmation email. Please check your inbox to complete booking.

9. The email referred to above is automatically generated. We will generally respond with a human generated confirm email within one day. But sometimes it may take us a week to respond, but don’t worry even if the reservation expires. Because once we get the automatic notification of your successful reservation, or manual email, we will reinstate the reservation up to  week. In lieu of what Note 10 on page Rooms & Rates says, NO DEPOSIT WILL BE REQUIRED unless we notify you that one will be required, in which case you’ll have at least a month to pay the deposit. Don’t worry, once we send you the human generated confirmation email and you comply with it’s requirements, WE WILL KEEP YOUR ROOM.

10. Clean Rooms Discount Option: In the CHECKOUT page, for the type of room you chose, if you want the Clean Rooms Discount on Day 2 (or 3), in the Coupon Code box, enter the Coupon Code:

Room type Coupon  Code Minimum number of days $ Amount USD
Real Log Dry Cabin CRD $10 2 $10
Real Log Dry Cabin CRD $20 3 $20
Lodge Bldg. Rm (shower or bath) CRD $45 2 $45
Lodge Bldg. Rm (shower or bath) CRD $90 3 $90
Quad Bldg. Rm (any of rooms 5 to 12) CRD $50 2 $50
Quad Bldg. Rm (any of rooms 5 to 12) CRD $100 3 $100

Unfortunately, the booking software we are using does not work well with our clean rooms discount option, so if you will be staying more than 3 straight days and want the CRD, please just email us and we’ll correct your reservation as required, or, on this site, book a 4+ day stay as follows: These pages will allow you to book a stay longer than 3 days, but until we get the software upgraded to allow CRD after 3 days, it will show the full price for all days. So if you want to book a stay longer than 3 days, please don’t worry! In the CHECKOUT page, in the NOTES box, please tell us. We’ll adjust the total price to reflect all the days you want to take the CRD (except, of course, the CRD is not available on the first day of any stay).

11. If you prefer to book by the “old fashioned” way, OK! Just call 916-765-2219 or send an email to In both cases, once we get your call, voice mail, or email we will keep the room for you at least one week while we finish the booking process (assuming that your call, email, or voice mail clearly specifies your room type and dates and meets our requirements for the desired room type).

If you are ready to reserve your room(s) please click this button: