Last Updated: 2-22-2019

BluesBerry Inn Guest Policies


“Guest” means any person occupying any room at the BluesBerry Inn.

“Manager” means the manager of the BluesBerry Inn.

1. ALCOHOL POLICY: WE ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT TOLERATE PUBLIC DRINKING. The BluesBerry Inn is a NON-ALCOHOLIC establishment. However, guests may bring their own alcoholic beverages into their own rooms provided that no laws are violated AND guests in other rooms are not adversely affected. Public drunkenness and open alcoholic beverage containers, outside of rooms, will NOT be tolerated. Violators will be told to leave and there will be no refunds of rents paid.

2. NOISE: Guests are expected to be reasonably quiet during evening hours, so as to not disturb other guests, ESPECIALLY AFTER 9 PM. Violators will be told to leave and there will be no refunds of rents paid.

3. PET WARNING: While the BluesBerry Inn makes reasonable attempts to restrict pets (dogs and cats, or service animals) to certain rooms, we are not always successful.  Additionally, pet occupancy of rooms under the prior management (and ownership) is unknown. Therefore, the BluesBerry Inn CANNOT assure any guests that pets have NOT, in the past, been in any particular room. If you are allergic to pets or service animals, you occupy our rooms at your own risk.

4. PET POLICY (does not apply to service animals): Pets must be declared when booking and the BluesBerry Inn, at the manager’s sole discretion, may or may NOT permit any or all pets. The only pets permitted are dogs and domestic cats. Pets are NOT allowed on any furniture, including beds. Pets shall NOT be left in rooms unattended. Pets shall not be allowed to roam free outside unattended. Vicious or aggressive pets are not permitted on this property, and the manager shall have sole discretion in determining if any particular pet is permitted to remain. At manager’s direction, the guest shall immediately remove any vicious or aggressive pet. Guests shall remove any feces their pets deposit on the BluesBerry Inn’s grounds. Pets must be free of pests, and guest shall be liable for eradication of pests (as solely determined by the BluesBerry Inn’s manager).

5. Except for normal wear and tear, Guests will be liable for all damages to their room and/or damages the guest or their visitors cause to the BluesBerry Inn’s property. Guest agrees to pay extra cleaning charges if guest leaves their room excessively dirty. Guest will be liable to pay for cleaning or replacing carpet stained or damaged by guest, normal use excepted. All damages and cleaning charges shall be as solely determined by the Bluesberry Inn’s manager.

6. Guest will be responsible for all damages caused by their vehicles to  Bluesberry Inn property, even if the BluesBerry Inn knew or should have known about the possibility of such damage.

7.  Campfires will NOT be allowed UNLESS specifically permitted by management on a case-by-case basis and then only when permitted by the State Fire Marshall. Any guest permitted to have a campfire is allowed to burn only ordinary firewood and MUST NOT burn any wood that has metal objects (screws, nails, and the like) or dangerous chemicals in it (such as pressure treated wood). Guests must obtain their own firewood, and guests must clean up and restore the site of their campfire.

8. Partial nudity is not permitted outside of rooms. Any person without a shirt on will be considered as partially nude.

9. Vehicles will be driven and parked in a safe and responsible manner. No vehicles with more than 4 tires may be parked next to buildings Q1 or Q2. Large vehicles and construction equipment must be parked on Matlock Drive unless a specific exception is granted by Management. No vehicles shall be parked in such a manner as to obstruct the vehicles of other guests. Violators will be asked to leave and no refunds of rents paid will be made.

10. All guests must agree to these policies, as evidenced by BluesBerry Inn registration form(s).

11. VIOLATION of any of the above policies may result in the violating guest being IMMEDIATELY evicted and required to leave the BluesBerry Inn. Such violations shall be as solely determined by the BluesBerry Inn’s manager. Past waiver of or failure to enforce any of the above policies, by the manager of the Bluesberry Inn, shall not prevent enforcement (by the BluesBerry Inn’s manager) of present or future violations.

12. Additional policies on page Rooms & Rates https://www.bluesberryinn.com/rooms-rates/ apply.   Revised 2-22-19

 POSTED ROOM NOTICE (example – latest notice posted in room applies):


Welcome to the BluesBerry Inn

1. This room is a
NON-SMOKING room. If you smoke in it, additional fee is $100/day.
2. PETS must be approved by Management in advance and are permitted
only in certain rooms; additional $10/day fee per pet. Pets are
NOT allowed on furniture.
3. CHECK-OUT is 1 PM or you will be charged for an additional day (unless a late check-out has been approved by Management in advance).
4. Please call 907-768-2415 if you need assistance, towels, coffee, linens, etc.
5. This motel has a Class C Public Water System. The water was tested (8-22-2011) and meets State of Alaska testing requirements for drinking water for a Class C Public Water System. But if you prefer to drink bottled water, it may be purchased from management for $0.50/bottle. Thank you.
6. CAUTION: Hot water is 
7. Child safety inserts for the electrical outlets are available on request.
8. WARNING: There may exist on the grounds of this motel sharp objects (such as nails and screws). These are presumed to date from construction phases of the buildings, several years ago. We are actively cleaning the site and believe we have removed most or all of these sharp objects. However, please be careful in walking and driving here as some such objects may still exist on or in the ground. Be especially careful with children.
9. The BluesBerry Inn is NOT responsible for your personal possessions.

INTERNET ACCESS by guests at the BluesBerry Inn

Currently there is no charge for this internet access. Please understand and agree to the following:
1. The BluesBerry Inn’s wireless network has WEP security enabled, pass phrase = BluesBerry, encryption key = (provided at check-in). By using this network you agree to be responsible for your own computer and internet security.
2. Please limit the use of large down or uploads such as video.
3. Do NOT use “voice over internet protocol” or use this internet connection for voice communications (similar to or like telephone over your computer).
4. This connection is subject to disconnection at any time for any reason, including but not limited to excessive downloads or uploads.
5. If you need internet but do not wish to use wireless, a limited number of wired connections may be available. Please submit your request to management if you wish your room’s data jack to be turned on – provided a channel is available, it will be enabled. You will need a cat5 cable to connect to the jack. By using this connection you agree to be responsible for your own computer and internet security. If you do not agree, you are not permitted to use this internet connection.
6. By using this connection you agree to the above requirements.  If you do not agree, you are not permitted to use this internet connection. Please let us know if you have trouble connecting.

Thank You,
Management, BluesBerry Inn
(907) 768-2414


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