Christmas In Blue

NOTES:  1. This is a composite of several Christmas projects in years past. I hope you enjoy it!  2. For all of the music on this page, permission to freely copy is granted provided that the prospective use is personal, non-commercial, church, or educational and notice of copyright by Rod Smith 1998 – 2022 is included.  3. No changes to the songs or credits are made.  4. All of the blues guitar solos are improvised, so they are “never” played the same twice.

THE LORD JESUS’ AMAZING GRACE:   Christmas 2012 from the BluesBerry Inn

Amazing Grace a Christmas song? YES, as it celebrates God’s incomprehensible and wonderful GIFT to us!

What Child Is This (W. Dix, guitar by R. Smith)


Joy To The World (Handel, guitar by R. Smith)


No Room at the Inn Blues (1st 2 choruses only, then fade; 2008 version, R. Smith)


No Room at the Inn Blues (1998 version, R. Smith)


Blues Medley in 12-8 Joy To The World (Handel) + Oh Holy Night (A. Adam), guitar Rod Smith 1998