YOU MAY USE THIS PAGE FOR  BOOKING, BUT IT IS A “BETA TEST PAGE.” IF IT DOES NOT WORK CORRECTLY, DON’T STRESS, PLEASE JUST EMAIL OR CALL US AT THE CONTACT INFO BELOW. Errors could happen (we hope not), but we will work with you to help you successfully book. We would appreciate your feedback on using our site, esp. any problems or difficulties. If you give us useful feedback we may even give you some free perks. Please use the “NOTES” box below to give us your feedback and/or any other special needs or requirements you may have.

Our site will not allow you to pay; instead, once you complete this on-line booking process, it will send us an email, and we will reply to your email. Once it sends this email, it means that the system determined that your requested room is available. It may take us a day or two to reply, but based on your completing the process, we will hold the room in the interim. You will not have to pay at this time but our reply will enter your reservation into our system, pending completion. If you don’t want to use this page, to book, PLEASE CONTACT US by email OR phone 916-765-2219 (manager’s cell)

Once you successfully complete this page,  by entering all the required info and accepting the TERMS AND CONDITIONS, it should send us an email giving us your requested rooms and dates. We will then reply with final instructions. But once we get your email we will keep the room at least 2 days, to give you time to complete the process.



TV note: We have had so many reliability problems with our sat TV provider that we decided we must find a better solution. At this point, we are not sure what type of TV service, if any, that we will be able to provide. The network our equipment is from has such a weak signal that the system rarely works, and generally just frustrates guests. The signal is very weak this far north because all the sats must be in the “Clarke Belt” which is at about 22,000 miles directly over the equator. We  finally realized we were fighting a losing battle by trying to have sat TV. So we are exploring alternatives. Our wi-fi network is fairly robust and we now permit guests to live-stream TV and videos to their own devices, so that may help.


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