(March 2005)


BRIEF HISTORY: The BluesBerry Inn    was formerly known as the Lazy J Lodge and the Lazy J Cabins. The original lodge building was constructed c.1997 using real 6" logs, the 4 log cabins also used 6" logs, the dining room was later added using 8" logs, and the two quadraplex buildings were constructed c. 2005. It was purchased by the present ownership in 2009 and, while Buckwheat Smith, the manager, will admit to being lazy, it was renamed as the BluesBerry Inn - on account of those wild blueberries that grow all around here and Buckwheat's love for gospel blues. Especially old-time Gospel musicians like Blind Willie Johnson. He also cottons to old-time country music. Some day he intends to reopen the cafe with live music on weekends. AND serve his world-famous (OK, maybe that's stretching it a little) sourdough blueberry buckwheat pancakes. Under the previous ownership, when the movie "Into the Wild" was produced c. 2006, the cast stayed here - at that time, the name was still "Lazy J."


NOTE: The former Lazy J BAR is now CLOSED and we do NOT plan to reopen it (except as maybe a juice or breakfast bar :)